What’s New to Netflix in September 2017

You can keep track of what your kids are watching on Netflix with a phone spy app.

Netflix is one of the easiest and most exciting ways to watch TV and movies these days. So many people have found something they love on Netflix. Even kids are finding things that they enjoy, like a couple of the new Disney movies that were just added. One thing that is worth monitoring for parents is what their kids are watching on Netflix. There is at least one phone spy app out there that enables them to see what their kids are doing online. In addition, they can use a phone spy app to monitor what apps their children download.

People tend to use their smartphones to watch Netflix because of how convenient it is. It’s exciting to see some of the new additions to the streaming service’s arsenal of movies and shows this fall.

New Releases on Netflix

Gangs of New York

In this masterpiece set in late 19th century New York, Leonardo DiCaprio joins forces with Daniel Day-Lewis and Cameron Diaz. DiCaprio is a man of Irish descent living in New York, whose father was killed in a gang-war with the gang of Daniel Day-Lewis’s character. It’s a historical drama full of action and betrayal, and one that’s definitely worth investing a couple of hours in.


"Jaws" was originally based on a book.
The iconic film “Jaws” is based off of the 1974 book of the same name.

There are now several Jaws films included in Netflix’s arsenal. Don’t watch this one if you’re going to the beach anytime soon. But, if you’re up for a late night and in the mood for a scare, this could be a good one to watch with a few friends.


Mulan is one of the classic Disney films released within the past decade or two. The best part is that the sequel, Mulan II is also on Netflix, even though it’s not nearly as popular as the first. This would be a great one to watch with the kids or the grandkids! Parents can also use a phone spy app to make sure that their children are watching age-appropriate titles, like this one.


This amazing Disney film was recently added to Netflix as well. It follows the story of young Hercules as he learns his place in the world and saves it at the same time.

Dead Poets’ Society

This 1989 film stars the late Robin Williams as a teacher of poetry. It received 4 Oscar nominations and won for Best Writing. This is one of the best new additions to Netflix this September. If someone is in the mood for an inspiring film and wants to reminisce over the career of Robin Williams, this is a great one to dive into. This is one I’ll be watching while it’s available!

Remember that Netflix is great for watching movies, but keep an eye on your kids if they are using it. You should also be sure to utilize some of the tools mentioned above if your children watch Netflix on their smartphones.

4 of the Best Pop Albums of 2017 So Far

These pop albums are about societal changes, signs he's cheating, and breakups.

While TV shows and movies are my main passion, it’s been difficult to ignore the sheer amount of amazing pop music that has come out this year. I’m more of a rock ‘n’ roll man myself, but some of these catchy tunes have really caught my ear. Many of pop music’s most prominent female singers have recently undergone dramatic style changes. These have often been due to personal struggles, such as recognizing signs he’s cheating, overcoming depression, or processing feelings about the current political climate.

1) Melodrama – Lorde

A complete departure from her previous album, Lorde’s “Melodrama” is an album exploring the aftermath of a recent breakup. Although she may not have seen signs he’s cheating, it was a painful transition for her all the same. The album itself explores many experimental, even industrial sounds, to illustrate the loneliness that comes along with being newly single. Before his passing, David Bowie himself has stated that Lorde was the future of pop music, and it shows.

Standout Tracks: Green Light, Hard Feelings/Loveless, Supercut

2) Rainbow – Kesha

Even if you aren’t well-acquainted with pop music, you may have heard about Kesha’s lawsuit against Dr. Luke, as well as her accusations against him. For about five years, she’s been unable to release new music, until now. “Rainbow” marks Kesha’s triumphant return to the music industry with an album that truly showcases her vocal and songwriting abilities, as well as her new country-esque style.

Standout Tracks: Let ‘Em Talk, Praying, Hunt You Down

3) Lust for Life – Lana Del Rey

In just a few short years, Lana Del Rey has released four albums and one EP with all new material. “Lust for Life” is her latest release and carries quite a different tone from her previous work. While she is mostly known for creating somber ballads that deal with breakups, signs he’s cheating, and personal depression, her new album marks a step in a more positive direction. These songs have the same dreamy quality that her fans have come to expect, with lyrics that are much more uplifting.

Standout Tracks: Love, In My Feelings, Get Free

4) Witness – Katy Perry

Katy's short haircut garnered a lot of media attention.
Katy Perry’s dramatic, short haircut was a clue that this album was going to be dramatically different.

Katy Perry’s newest album, “Witness”, was marketed as “purposeful pop” with its first single, “Chained to the Rhythm.” While the rest of the songs did not live up to this hype, they’re certainly interesting and different from anything else Katy’s done. She collaborated with Purity Ring, an experimental electronic duo, to create several of the more introspective tracks. Perhaps the most unique quality about this album is that while Katy’s singles tend to be chart-toppers, very few of the songs on “Witness” are actually radio friendly.

Standout Tracks: Mind Maze, Bon Appétit, Save as Draft

There are plenty of other new releases to look forward to this year, too. Both Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift have recently revealed the covers of their new albums, slated to come out within the next month or so. If you’re looking for other entertainment recommendations, be sure to take a look at my previous article about the hottest shows on Netflix right now.

Top 5 Shows To Watch On Netflix

Find New TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

For those who are not constantly watching Netflix (like me), it can be a little difficult to keep up with the best shows. Whether you’re into comedies, action, or dramas, new shows are being added every few days. There are tons of people wondering what shows they should be watching, and which ones they should avoid. If you’re one of these people, then you’ve come to the right place.

The great part about having a Netflix account is that there is a constant rotation of shows and movies. That way, Netflix users never get bored.  All you need to do is do a little research and you’ll easily figure out which ones are worth your time.  But if you don’t have the time to do that, here’s a list of my five favorite Netflix shows.

The Office

For people that are fans of dry, English humor, The Office will always be one of the best shows on Netflix. Those that are wondering if there are any good comedy shows on Netflix would do themselves a favor to turn on The Office. It stars Steve Carrell and John Krasinski, among others, and after 9 seasons it is still one of the most successful comedy shows.  All 9 seasons of The Office are on Netflix, for those that want to see the show, whether for the first or the 50th time.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead definitely isn’t a comedy. But it’s still one of the best shows on Netflix. The Walking Dead is a zombie post-apocalyptic thriller/action genre show that’s based on an amazing comic book series.  One good thing about The Walking Dead (aside from how great it is) is that it’s still coming out with new seasons. So once you catch up you can always start watching the new episodes on AMC.

Orange is the New Black

This is a show about what it’s like for women in prison. The show has received remarkably positive reviews from critics, and has won multiple awards. For those that are looking for something a little different, Orange is the New Black is a great place to start.


Those that are fans of outdoor-type shows or movies like The Revenant will enjoy Frontier. It stars Jason Mamoa, who came to stardom for playing Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.  He’s also signed on to play Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League movies. Unfortunately, the first season of the show has only received a 38% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, which tends to be pretty accurate when it comes to grading shows and movies.  Despite it’s low rating, this show is still worth a try.  

Black Mirror

What makes Black Mirror unique is that there isn’t a particular plot that the show follows.  Every episode is different from the rest, the only link between episodes is the universe in which they take place.  The show has won multiple awards, and is reminiscent of the original Twilight Zone series. This show also offers an interesting social commentary on many of the problems of today’s world.  

No matter what type of show someone prefers to watch, they’re sure to find something they like on Netflix.  If you are on Netflix and looking for a new show to watch, go ahead and give any of these a try. You might find that your new favorite show is right here on this list!  If you’d like to check out some more reviews, head on over to the top 5 power guide.

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