Best Dance Party Songs of 2017

Use social media monitoring tools can help you learn about new dance songs.

If you’re like me, you love a good dance party. And that means you’re always on the lookout for the next great dance song. Sure, there are new songs coming out every year, and it doesn’t take social media monitoring to see how popular they are. But the truth is, some of the best dance party songs came out a long, long time ago. If you’re wondering what songs you should play for your next dance party, I have what you’re looking for.

Don’t look at the Billboard Hot 100 Chart to see what the best dance songs are going to be. You might find one or two good ones, but the greatest dance songs are from the 80’s and 90’s.

Top Dance Songs of 2017

Any of these dance songs can liven up your party.
Bring life to your party with any of these dance songs.

Dance with Somebody

This hit by Whitney Houston is one of the catchiest dance party songs ever. Younger generations may not recognize it, but it doesn’t matter. “Dance with Somebody” was released in 1987 and was Houston’s biggest hit until she released “I Will Always Love You” 5 years later. It can be found on Spotify, iTunes, or even YouTube. Be sure to add this Whitney Houston hit to your next party playlist. This one is great for a wedding reception or for any occasion.

Anything Can Happen

This hit by Ellie Goulding was released in 2012, and has over 66 million views on YouTube! As you can tell from social media monitoring, it’s one of Goulding’s most popular songs. This one’s been a staple at the past few dance parties I’ve gone to. It’s light, upbeat, and the perfect song to help you find that special someone. It was released on her album Delirium, and can be found on all the major music streaming services.

Indian Summer

This song, by Jai Wolf, is much more unique than the other two. It has a beat that gives it a unique, cultural vibe that should inspire some unique dance moves out there on the dance floor.

Love on Top

This Beyonce hit from 2011 is another one of the best dance songs out there. For crowds who want songs that are a little more modern and popular for social media monitoring, go with this one. It’s upbeat and extremely catchy. I’m not even a Beyonce fan and I love this song!


These are just a few of the most popular dance songs in 2017, and any of them would be a fine addition to your playlist, whether you’re dancing at a wedding reception or in the comfort of your living room!

4 of the Best Pop Albums of 2017 So Far

These pop albums are about societal changes, signs he's cheating, and breakups.

While TV shows and movies are my main passion, it’s been difficult to ignore the sheer amount of amazing pop music that has come out this year. I’m more of a rock ‘n’ roll man myself, but some of these catchy tunes have really caught my ear. Many of pop music’s most prominent female singers have recently undergone dramatic style changes. These have often been due to personal struggles, such as recognizing signs he’s cheating, overcoming depression, or processing feelings about the current political climate.

1) Melodrama – Lorde

A complete departure from her previous album, Lorde’s “Melodrama” is an album exploring the aftermath of a recent breakup. Although she may not have seen signs he’s cheating, it was a painful transition for her all the same. The album itself explores many experimental, even industrial sounds, to illustrate the loneliness that comes along with being newly single. Before his passing, David Bowie himself has stated that Lorde was the future of pop music, and it shows.

Standout Tracks: Green Light, Hard Feelings/Loveless, Supercut

2) Rainbow – Kesha

Even if you aren’t well-acquainted with pop music, you may have heard about Kesha’s lawsuit against Dr. Luke, as well as her accusations against him. For about five years, she’s been unable to release new music, until now. “Rainbow” marks Kesha’s triumphant return to the music industry with an album that truly showcases her vocal and songwriting abilities, as well as her new country-esque style.

Standout Tracks: Let ‘Em Talk, Praying, Hunt You Down

3) Lust for Life – Lana Del Rey

In just a few short years, Lana Del Rey has released four albums and one EP with all new material. “Lust for Life” is her latest release and carries quite a different tone from her previous work. While she is mostly known for creating somber ballads that deal with breakups, signs he’s cheating, and personal depression, her new album marks a step in a more positive direction. These songs have the same dreamy quality that her fans have come to expect, with lyrics that are much more uplifting.

Standout Tracks: Love, In My Feelings, Get Free

4) Witness – Katy Perry

Katy's short haircut garnered a lot of media attention.
Katy Perry’s dramatic, short haircut was a clue that this album was going to be dramatically different.

Katy Perry’s newest album, “Witness”, was marketed as “purposeful pop” with its first single, “Chained to the Rhythm.” While the rest of the songs did not live up to this hype, they’re certainly interesting and different from anything else Katy’s done. She collaborated with Purity Ring, an experimental electronic duo, to create several of the more introspective tracks. Perhaps the most unique quality about this album is that while Katy’s singles tend to be chart-toppers, very few of the songs on “Witness” are actually radio friendly.

Standout Tracks: Mind Maze, Bon Appétit, Save as Draft

There are plenty of other new releases to look forward to this year, too. Both Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift have recently revealed the covers of their new albums, slated to come out within the next month or so. If you’re looking for other entertainment recommendations, be sure to take a look at my previous article about the hottest shows on Netflix right now.