Coach Carter Movie Review

Sports movies are some of the best movies out there. They start with something that people automatically have a reference point and a grid for: a sport they love. All they have to do is add a bit of drama, a love story, and a bit of social commentary, and they’re well on their way to having an Academy Award-winning sports film. Some of the best sports movies include Hoosiers, Remember the Titans, and Invictus. (Just as a side note, I heard of some cool software I wanted to share for you Android spyware lovers out there. I’ll share in a new post soon.)

Another great sports film is Coach Carter. It stars Samuel L. Jackson as the newly-hired head basketball coach at Richmond High in California. The high school is in an inner-city area where there are a lot more troubles facing the players than just the opposing teams they face on the court. Some of the players are facing particularly difficult situations, which makes the film dramatic and interesting.

The Trailer

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Samuel L. Jackson

One of the highlights of the film is getting to see Samuel L. Jackson is a role that’s unlike most of the ones that he has played. Jackson is known for being cast in rather extraordinary roles, where his giant personality can shine. He shines just as big in this film, which gives him space to be who he is in a more controlled environment than he had in films like Pulp Fiction. (Just as a side note: My Android was being buggy when I watched Pulp Fiction recently, I thought someone had installed Android spyware on my phone, but I learned it was detectable, so that couldn’t have been it.)

Channing Tatum

Another actor who was in this film was Channing Tatum. Coach Carter came out during the beginnings of Tatum’s career, which has taken off dramatically since then. Tatum didn’t play one of the best players, but his character had a certain flair and charm that helped bring the rest of them together.

Street Life and Basketball

One of the strengths of the film is the distinction it draws between the life the players are living on the streets and their basketball and academic lives. One of the players in particular, called Crew, is an interesting character who sells drugs for his cousin when he’s not at school. He’s also a skilled basketball player, and eventually, he finds a father figure in Coach Carter.

Carter’s Methods

What makes the film interesting are the coaching methods of Jackson’s character Coach Carter. He has his players sign a contract where they agree to have a certain GPA and to sit in the front row of their classes. It’s Carter’s contract that pushes the boys to succeed. He also teaches them to respect themselves and others, by having them refer to each other as “Sir,” and treat each other respectfully. I’m sure none of these kids would consider adding any Android spyware on anyone’s phone for fear of Carter’s wrath.

Carter’s Inspiration

Carter’s belief in his players is inspiring, and it’s probably what makes Coach Carter such a good film. The film isn’t perfect. There are times when it’s a bit corny, but overall it’s an inspiring film with a powerful social commentary. Those that are looking for a good sports or basketball movie will enjoy Coach Carter, especially if they’ve never seen it before. If you want a movie with baseball as the focus instead, check out what I said about those movies here.