The Tech Gifts Everyone Will Want This Holiday Season

Tech and gadget gifts remain the most popular gifts for the holiday season this year and everyone wants to get their hands on the hottest technology gifts to make their loved ones happy. That’s why you should start your Christmas shopping now if you want to buy some of the people on your list the best new gadgets and technology gifts for the 2018 holiday season like:

iPhone XS

The newest model of the iPhone, the XS or the large version the XS Max, upgrade from last year’s iconic new design of the iPhone. If you didn’t upgrade last year or if you know people who love iPhones and always want to have the latest one the upgrades on the XS are going to make purchasing the new model worth it despite the hefty price tag. The XS has a lot more fun features and a highly impressive new camera that will make this phone a must for photography fans.

With seriously upgraded performance and aesthetics, these phones are not for casual users. They are for hardcore iPhone enthusiasts and anyone that really loves technology. If you want to get your loved ones an upgraded iPhone but don’t want to drop a thousand dollar or more for a new iPhone X or XS you can upgrade to the iPhone 8 which is a favorite of iPhone users and still has great performance and features with a lower price tag. And you can still use spy apps!

Amazon Microwave

The Amazon smart microwave might seem like an odd gift because usually, appliances aren’t the best holiday gifts, but this microwave is a gift that any tech fan on your holiday list will love. It’s the most efficient smart microwave on the market and it’s the only one with Amazon’s iconic Alexa virtual assistant. If someone you know has been thinking about dipping into smart home technology but hasn’t made the jump yet this is a good gift to get them started. It’s also a great gift for college students or people heading off to their first apartments.

Echo Show

Amazon also released an upgraded version of the Echo Show that has some fantastic new features. Your friends and family can still make video calls from the Show and now it has a 10-inch screen so those calls are large and easy to see. But the new upgraded Show can also show you how to do things and show you things around the house just with a simple voice command. So if you need to know how to chop onions tell it to show you how to chop opinion and a tutorial video will appear.

Or if you’re in bed and you want to see the downstairs after you hear a noise it can show you the surveillance camera feed if you have a smart system set up. The Echo Show is a great gift for any tech lover but it also is fantastic for seniors that live alone. Because it’s intuitive and voice-driven seniors don’t need to know a lot about technology in order to use it and the benefits are huge.